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In order to understand Santeria I have defined a few of the terms that are extremely important if you wish to learn and or fully comprehend this Afrocuban culture. I welcome you to this website andencourage you to bookmark this page since alot of the information will probably take you a few hours and or days to read. Please feel free to visit the forum for active discussions and definitely tune into our blog – here you can comment and leave your input on the articles that are published.

Santeria Defined:  A combination of religious traditions or beliefs that combines a similar African traditional religion. Santeria originated in the country of Cuba and Brazil. This religion is a combination of the traditional Yoruba faith and the worship of catholic saints.

Define Yoruba:  Yoruban’s are members of a West African Community based in the region of southwest Nigeria.

Define Orisha: An Orisha is spiritual being or presence that is interpreted as one of the manifestations of GOD (Olofi) within the Santeria Religion or faith.


Santeria REligion Photo

How to Determine who is your crowned Orisha in Lucumi?
Before getting the guerreros one needs to get their elekis or elekes (collares) there are two sets of warriors (one form the babalaos) and the other from santeros meaning that the elegua that you get from the babalao is exu and the santero is elegua. The marking of the head can be done when you recieve your mano de orunla, it is advised that the person who is doing such should already have godparents.  I have heard some people go and receive orunla with out having elekes, which would mean that they dont have any godparent representation, normally this is not very recommended.

However,If you are in a house of Ifa, working with a Babalawo, it is possible to get Eshu and your guerreros along with Ikofa(female) or Awofaka(men~mano de Orula) without elekes. If there is an Olorisha there that can give you elekes, that much better. You can find out who reigns your head when you do your Ikofa ceremony. Best wishes in the start of your journey.

Santeria Was Founded: Approximately 1515

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