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These Are The Paths of Oshun:

Ibu Kole

This path of Oshun is known as the vulture. Ibu Kole is the Oshun that reached the house of Olofi to tell him that the people on the lands were dying of thirst. With that said Olofi took off the punishment off the land and let rain fall again. This Oshun is said to be a very magical witch. She takes 5 little mortars where additional secrets are kept where her initiate can make powerful spells. Her colors are honey, coral, amber and onyx stone. She is adorned with feathers of a vulture. Her children must have a juiro where an Osain is kept that hangs over her to keep Ibu Kole in one spot and to make sure she is there in here tureen. When this Oshun comes down she dances like if she was a bird, swaying her arms up and down as if she was in flight.

Ibu Ololodi

This Oshun is said to be a great warrior. She wears pants when she goes to war. She rides on a horse and she uses a sword in battle. Ibu Ololodi is also the wife of Orula and she is his preferred apetevi. Her enemies can never defeat her. She protects her children to the up most. She takes the table of Ifa with the ekueles and the irofa. You can put iron implements to her. The owl is her messenger and she is invoked with a copper cow bell. Ololodi also takes a needle and thread as she is seen sewing on her off times at the bottom of the river. She is the mother of Aporoye and Oloshe. This Oshun takes everything double due to a pact she did with Boyuto. If you give her a mirror another one should be placed to her. If you give her one bottle of perfume there has to be another. She is the protector of the home. When this Oshun comes down she is very repugnant and she speaks very stern to her followers. Her colors are honey, coral with touches of green and yellow to represent the marriage she had with Orula.

Ibu Akuaro

Ibu Akuaro is the Oshun that lives where the river and the ocean meet. She is said to live and reign there. She loves the corodniz (cornish hen) and they are here messengers. It is said that with the feathers of the corodniz, you must sew her a net that lives on her. This is due to a story where she was running from Chango and a group of corodniz covered her completely so Chango would not find her. She takes a cane which is covered with the feathers of the corodniz as well and is consecrated where the river and ocean meet. Her colors are a pale yellow, coral, onyx, green and white. When Ibu Akuaro comes down she is seen to be shaken, imitating the corodniz.

Ibu Yumu

She is one of the oldest Oshun. She lives at the bottom of the river sewing as she knows the craft to sew beautiful cloths. She doesn’t like to be bothered that much as she sits in her rocking chair at the bottom. When she is bothered she comes out from the bottom of the river and she fights. She as well as Ibu Ololodi is called with a copper cow bell. This path of Oshun is hardly to come down.

Ibu Aña

This Oshun is very young and she loves to dance. She is said to be where ever the Aña (sacred drum) is playing. She dances all day and all night until the Aña stops playing. At her tureen you must have 3 little drums that represent the Aña at her feet. She is always dancing in front of the drums holding her breast and laughing. A child of this particular orisha is said to always be partying and dancing and whenever they step into a ceremonial drumming, if they are a horse of the orisha, Ibu Aña will make her presence. Her colors are honey, yellow, coral, onyx and red. When she comes down she is always dancing and may take the time out to speak to her followers.

Ibu Ileke Oñi

This Oshun is a fighter and she gets what she wants. When she is determined she gets her results. This Oshun walks with a walking stick and she is always seen near the river banks covering her body with her honey. If she is not near the river you can see her next to a pariso tree. She walks with a net that’s tied around her waste. This Oshun has 4 necklaces that she wears. One is made of the peonia seeds, other is made of all coral, another of all onyx stones and a bead of honey and yellow beads.

Ibu Itumu

This path of Oshun is said to reside in the lagoons. She is always dressed in pants and a shirt like a man. She is very tall and she is always seen with Inle and Asojano.

Ibu Aremu Kondano

This Oshun is said to be the first Oshun that ever came down from Olofi’s castle to the earth. She is dressed all in white and her color is off white with coral with just a touch of yellow and green. She is said to have helped Orula out is certain occasions. She is very mysterious.

Ibu Asedan

This path of Oshun is said to be also a warrior. She rides a horse as well as Ibu Ololdi when she is at war. This Oshun is seen with a sword in one hand riding to battle. Her sacrificial foods must be offered with a ring or gold oar through its nose. Her color is honey, yellow, red and onyx.

Ibu Eyede

This is Oshun is known to be a queen. She is seen with all her fine dresses and jewelry. She doesn’t like anything dirty or messy around her. Her sacrificial foods are sacrificed on top of a yellow plate that sits next to her.

Ibu Iña

This Oshun loves to debate and argue. She is a rare Oshun and is always seen by the river sands combing her hair with her coral comb. She loves to cook and she loves to fan herself with her fan made of African grey tail feathers and bells.

Ibu Iñale

This is the daughter of Ibu Aña. She lives on the beach and river sands on top of all types of money. She does not like to give money as it is all for her.

Ibu Tinibu

This also is a rare Oshun. She is the boss of the Iyalordes. She loves to go out at night never during the day. She is said to be riding the river in a boat listening and answering her petitioners.

Ibu Idere Lekun

This Oshun lives in the caves alongside the sea where the waves enter and hit the rocks of the caves. Where they turn into rivers and travel on the inside of mountains. She has a deformed face and she is seen playing a small drum made out of bamboo.

Ibu Aye

This is an orisha that maintained and positioned the riches of Oshun on earth. When Oshun was spending her money like crazy she found herself without any money. Ibu Aye reaffirmed her money and showed her the right way to maintain and control it. This is a orisha that is received on its own. Her color is honey, onyx and her necklace is made the same with 5 shells intertwined in between.


This is said to be the lost child of Oshun. Where Iroko took him from her for the promises that she owed Iroko. He is the third child that Oshun had after the twins. He is received on its own and is said to watch over the riches of his mother Oshun. He lives in a yellow tureen where his secrets are kept with a doll of a boy dressed in yellow. His original bead is yellow with red stripes on them, gold and coral.

Ajé Shalunga

Ajé Shalunga or Cobo is the orisha of prosperity and abundance. He is used to help bring money and prosperity into ones life if there are worthy and right for it. His secrets are kept in a small sopera or vessel and his secrets are slightly born in a different way as to the other orishas. Same chants and sacrificial foods, but certain things change when he is born that cant be discussed here. He is also born with multiple coins from all parts of the world. It is said that when he is born, depending on the sign that he comes with, he will live next to a certain orisha in which he will bring prosperity to you. Only if your worthy! Don’t think by receiving him you are going to win the lottery or anything. Only if Olofi says your worthy for that. But health is also another form of prosperity and that he can bring to you. He has no specific color but his chain is made of different shells and coins.

Yeye Lamba

Ochun Image PhotoThis is an orisha that is said to have been the cook of Oshun. She taught Oshun how to cook all sorts of sweets and foods for her town. She is an orisha that is received and her tureen is kept either with the other orishas or live near or in the kitchen. Alongside her secrets, one puts a wooden spoon and fork to her with different bags of dried foods.

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